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Dirt - CD

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Serving Santa Barbara Street Trash
Longer Then Anyone.

Scratch - CD

Béla Lugosi "best of" 1997-2007 - cd

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béla Lugosi "Piano Trio's" - cd

Béla Lugosi We Suck Hard - cd

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Serving Gypsy Street Trash Music Longer Than
Anyone In Santa Barbara

bela lugosi "Jailbait & Elder Abuse" live 1984-2009 - 4cd box set

A heavy trip into that dark place of Bela Lugosi.
A collection of live recordings that capture the
true to life, bloody impact, this shocking "classical"
ensemble had on a small town for decades.
Produced by the lengendary Steve Albino ,who
enjoyed his time with the Lugosi's,"listening to crap " but it did seem to disturb him to the point
of leaving the project early.The mix ,performed by Phil Spector via telephone is quite lo-fi .This box set proves that the band bela lugosi are indeed the "Godfathers of Hard Core Classical Music".
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bela lugosi band stuff
bela lugosi band stuff

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