latest CD 

That old fool of a band Bela Lugosi have put out yet another worthless album : "More Product" . That's pretty much what it is , product. As the band tries to stay above ground , it misses the mark , and drowns in their own dirt. It has become clear that the bands leader ,Misha Bodnar , has lost his mind. This album has no value except maybe to annoy your friends , if you have any.

summer album out 

the new lugosi album, "That's French For Slut" will be out july 4 2009. The other 2, "What A Bunch of Cheese" and "Have You Seen Me?" will be out in Aug.,but maybe not. Bela will be at So/ho,santa barbara ,9pm, june 12 ,to open for MIXI

New Album Out 

Béla Lugosi has put out their new album for 2007. "We Suck Hard" available at